100224 - Bones

100224 - Up and got some things done at the desk while Jack was at school.  When he got home LJ&I loaded up in the car and headed into the hospital.
We got there and Jack is so quiet and agreeable that is always goes so very smooth.  you can't see the nervousness or anxiety on him.  He just goes along with it.  We played some games as we waited and then back he went, not a peep.
L&I waited and in no time at all the Dr. came back and said he was done and doing fine.  It will be several days before we get the results back.
Home and Jack relaxing.  One of Lori's friends brought over some dinner so she wouldn't have to cook, so we ate and all of us pretty much took it easy all night.  Jack did have a couple friends stop over with a balloon and some cards they made for him. 
Sitting in bed doing some work watching a movie.
Days like today, even though everything goes well, are extremely hard.