100215 - Snowbound

100215 - Everyone up and out to the church gym for some basketball action. We played there for a bit and came out to a world gone white. Back to the house and G&I built an army guy castle while D&J did some homework.

We had some lunch sand then out for some sledding!

We all got cold and headed in except D&J who stayed out to play army guys in the woods.
When the big boys came in we checked the weather and realized there's no driving home today in this white-out. So we hunkered down with Bogart in Sahara and watched the black and white WWII classic. Time for dinner and the 3 energizer boys ate and I pushed them back outside for some night sled fun. They had a blast! When they came in L had a hot bath waiting for them. Somehow they all fit in there???
Downstairs for a snack, a bit more play, some snowboarding on the Olympics and then all boys to bed.