20170731 -

20170731 -

20170729 -

20170729 -

Miles start 11,755
Started as my mentor would by listening to 
Holiday Road by Lindsay Buckingham

20170728 -

20170728 - Up in the am and in to work trying to finalizing everything up.

20170727 +

20170727 + Up in the am and in to work.  VERY busy day and stayed late to help Mary Ellen get ready for the QBR in San Francisco next week.  Home and chatted with L&D about the college visit to Columbus State.  They said it was great and really liked campus and tour.  LG&I headed to Meijer to get supplies for the trip.  D&J headed to their buddy's houses for the night.  LG&I watched 'Ghost in the Machine'.  It had great special effects but the movie was not good.  All to bed and I looked at NYC sightseeing stuff until late.

20170726 +

20170726 + Up in the am and in to work.  Had a customer on site doing a physical walk of the site measuring space.  J had CC today.  Met LD&G at Academy Park where G had a tryout for Fall ball and D had a practice.  G did great, the other kids, yikes...  Then LG&I went over to watch D's practice, G helped.  My buddy Joe from high school is one of the coaches and the boys were having a good time.  Home and L&I finalized vacation plans.

20170725 -

20170725 - Up in the am and G and his buddy Brady still awake :-o  In to work and started the morning unraveling a puzzle of reports and repair data.  Had a pretty productive day.  The boys were not good today L about to lose her mind...  I ran and got a couple auction items after work.  Home and D&G back at the Gahanna tryouts again tonight.  After the tryout several of the dads and kids came over to play and chat.  D&J put up the soccer goal I got for J at an auction for $30, it is HUGE.  Everyone left and we all headed to bed.  Up late looking at things to do in NYC & Boston.

20170724 - Baseball Buddies

20170724 - Up in the am and helped L get J out of bed for CC practice.  Dragging in to work and worked in the back office most of the day catching up from being off Friday. L sent me a pic of G's buddies from the Gahanna baseball team that walked to the house before tryouts to pick him up. Home and straight back to G's tryouts where D was helping. G did good and looked to be having a great time with his buddies. Bill, Tom and their boys came to the house afterwards for a brat and a beer and to chat. They sent G his offer. Brady stayed the night and DJG Brady and I watched the movie 'Paper Towns' before DJ&I headed to bed. I was up until 3 catching up on email.

20170723 -

20170723 - Up and in to work, yes on a Sunday.  Spent the entire day helping with an inventory.  home, L had cooked a nice dinner.  JG&I ran out and got the movie Logan to watch this evening.  D went to Grove City to play basketball with some friends.

20170722 +

20170722 + Up very early and drove to pick boys up at camp
Told me all about the stuff that happened
D speech that made everyone cry
Fun and goofy stuff
love my boys
Stopped for lunch
Stopped at Farm for quick visit
Home, boys cleaned up, 2 hour nap
L made dinner, DGF7 over, boys told L all about their week
G&I got the Kong movie

20170721 -

20170721 - Up in the am and got a couple of things done.  G and I headed out for our Dad & Me day.
36 Westerville
36 Olentangy
Pick up dog from Vet, got cage, took to our house, introduced to Lilly
Lunch at Waffle House
Auction house,
36 Magic Mountain Brice Rd
18 Grove City
27 Galaxy Golf, 9, then checked the course was not too wet got in another 18
18 Avery
36 Magic Mountain Polaris
207 holes, 5 hole in ones, 4 for me 1 for G
Marcus Theater to see Valerian, pizza, beer reclining chairs
Home at 1:30 AM

20170720 -

20170720 - Up in the am and in to work.  Today is my best bud DaveL's bday which is shared by  & Justin from work and G's friend Brady too.  Received some very sad news today that Brady's grandpa, our friends Bill and Tiff's dad has passed away.  he was on a golfing trip in MI and had a massive heart attack.  Very upsetting as he was a great guy that was a joy to be around :-(

20170719 - Baseball Buds

20170719 - Up in the morning and in to work exhausted even though I got to sleep in good time. Received an email from Bo Jackson Baseball inviting G to play for them; great offer, but very expensive. Had a pretty packed day that ended with an exec review i had to bail out on because it was running long and L&G were waiting in the parking lot for me. L drove us to Groveport where G went through another tryout, he did great. After the tryout the coach pulled me aside and said 'I don't want Grant to leave here tonight without being on my team', WOW! We drove around Groveport for a bit looking at all the nice houses and ended up at a little Mexican place that was awesome. Home and all to bed.

20170718 + High Pressure

20170718 + Up in the am and in to work for a fast start. At the desk all day. Minimal escalations let me get caught up on email a bit. After work I met L&G in Hilliard at the Bo Jackson Dome where G had a tryout. There were not as many kids there as I expected, too expensive I think. G did great and he told L he was pretty nervous, so mission accomplished: feel the pressure, do your best. After the tryout we headed to a local place where we got dinner. G rode home with me and I took a call for work while driving and ended up missing 2 exits; perfect example of how talking while driving can distract you. G&I stopped for gas and then made it home. he set up a pitching dummy he got at the $5 store today and pitched a bit while L&I hung out on the backporch a bit. All in and to bed in good time.