20220101 + Rose Bowl Win

20220101 + Up late in the am and L took a COVID test and it was negative, but she still feels like crap. I got around and Hazel & I went to pick G up and chatted with Terrill a bit. I told him L's symptoms and he said oh yeah she has COVID, those home tests are crap. Home and G got cleaned up, L boiled potatoes and I trimmed and seasoned some steaks. D showed up and I got he steaks on the grill. J home and we all had a nice New Year's Day lunch together. L&I gave D some $... He stuck around and watched some college football with us before he took off. L, Hazel and I took a walk in the rain. Back home and we settled in the basement to watch OSU at the Rose Bowl. The Buckeyes really didn't play much in the first quarter, but started things up in the second. G&I ran to pic up some Chinese food for dinner and we feasted as we watched the Buckeyes take control of the game and win! G headed back upstairs and L&I watched some more football and then headed to bed. J home late, clanging around making food and waking us up. Got to sleep late.