20210626 - Lotta Ball, Good Food

20210626 - Up in the am and Luke got dropped off at our house. LG Luke and I headed to Tiffin, L drove while I got some work organized. We got to the field and didn’t have cash so had to drop the boys off and go find an atm. It was a nightmare with all of the one way streets in Tiffin… we finally got cash and paid and got settled at the game. The boys were playing on Heidelberg’s baseball field and it was really nice. The boys played pretty good and one of G’s buddies got his first homerun, well over the 330’ left field fence. Game over, we won, and I snuck in the homerun ball pic :-) the team headed to BWs for a nice lunch. We then headed to Tiffin University’s baseball field for our second game. G pitched a bunch, but we still lost. 

L headed home with another mom and G Luke and I got checked in to the hotel and then found GWs a little greasy spoon place to eat. When we got there the place was packed, there was a bar crawl going on in town… they found us a table pretty quick and the place cleared out pretty shortly. We all got more than we could eat: cheesy double bacon fries, steaks, mashed potatoes, fries and chocolate chip pancakes… we were stuffed and headed back to the the hotel so the boys could swim. I headed down to the pool to meet up with some of the parents and the boys wouldn’t get in because they said it was too cold, so they hung out in one of the rooms while us parents enjoyed some drinks by the pool. The boys came rushing back to tell us that the police were here…  we wrapped up the night and headed to the rooms. I made the boys get cleaned up, we watched some tv and headed to sleep.