20210616 + 300,000

20210616 + Up in the am and had a busy day. L was doing work in the yard and G had a buddy over to hit with and then head to the pool. G home by 5 and we got the white car and headed to Ed's Odds & Ends and to pick up our auction wins. G was unaware of the overall plan... Ed G and I set up a chute in his warehouse and then positioned G up there. Soon some old friends I used to work with at D1 showed up and G had to throw down 159 penguin cookie jars down or chute and they loaded them up.  NOT DONE YET!!! Then the Scouts showed up and G had to throw another 150 penguin cookie jars! we moved 329 cookie jars in total. I was ready to go but G and Ed started walking around looking at baseball cards... Ed was ready to make deals and G was ready to buy. G and Ed made deals for another hour and G spent another $300 on about 300,000 baseball cards! we got everything loaded up and headed to waffle house for dinner. G ate his 'All American' dinner right up, every bite. We headed home and L yelled at G for bringing so many cards in to the house :-)  I stayed up late looking at auctions.