20210620 - Caveman Cut

20210620 - Up in the am and D came over and LDG&I headed up to the Farm. We swung through KFC on the way and picked up lunch. To the Farm and we had some lunch, GpaW getting around real slow, hurt his back, but didn't say much about the recent hernia surgery. We went down to the Farmhouse and and GmaW, Trixie, G and Hazel went for a walk down the road and in the creek. We chatted on the front porch a bit. Back up and D did a couple things for GpaW and we headed out. It was a beautiful day and nice to go up and relax and visit. Home and hung out on the back porch. L gave D a haircut, G retreated to the upstairs and the Xbox. We watched some baseball on TV and had a couple beers with D. D left and after a bit we grilled some steaks for dinner and ate out the porch. In and watched some TV. J called us from Florida and gave us an update. A very nice relaxing day, full of good people and food.