20210608 - Not Affraid

20210608 - Up in the am, G running 4 miles with the XC team, and I headed up to the Farm. I swung by the post office, then Wendy's to get bfast and see J, his manager paid for my bfast. As I was pulling out of Wendy's I almost hit a bunch of boys running down the sidewalk, G was in that group so I blew the horn. I got on the highway and talked to Lonnie for a bit on the way up and saw the Goodyear blimp on the drive. Made it to the Farm, checked on GpaW and got set up for the day. I hosted a call and got some email done. Uncle Johnny showed up and he and dad headed to Haysville to get some lunch. L took G to get his 2nd covid shot today. I had another call and GpaW and Johnny came back and brought me some lunch. Aunt Mary showed up with treats and they all got to talking. I love hearing their stories but had to get on another call. Not long after the call GmaW got home. I checked in with her and then packed up to try and beat rush hour and make it home in time for my next call. On the road and it was raining like crazy. Home for a bit and then L drove to Groveport while I was on a Civil Service call. We got G there in time and I finished my call and then headed in to the gym to watch G play some pretty intense basketball with some other kids trying out for the freshman team. They did pretty good for never playing together before and lost the first game and won the second. We headed out and got home about 9:30. Home and D and some of his friends stopped by to chat and hang out.