20210629 - Beauties

20210629 - Up at 5:45 to make sure J was up to go to work. Up at 6:45 to make sure G was up to go to XC. My calls started at 8:30. G stopped by the house during his run with a bunch of guys today to get them water. It’s like 100+ degrees out already! G home and took a nap I got him up to take him to pitching lesson and I did email while there. After pitching I ran G to his dentist appointment, all good. Home and changed and headed in to the office for a meeting. Home and got G and headed to Groveport for G’s basketball games. He played quite a bit and they won both games. After the games we headed across the street to Waffle House only to be met by a handwritten sign on the door that said ‘Closed until 9pm due to lack of help’. So we went to the next closest Waffle House where the staff was arguing and it was a mess. We ordered and when I asked for steak and eggs they told me ‘sorry we don’t serve that anymore’. What? That’s what they’re famous for… we ordered and ate and got out of there. I took the long way home and stopped by another Waffle House just to double check and see if some idiot at Waffle House HQ really took steak and eggs off the menu… 3rd Waffle House had steak and eggs and had no idea why the other one said it was off the menu… Home and played with Hazel for a bit and then watched college baseball World Series with G until late. L called us she is having fun. Talked to GpaW and his back is better but now there’s something wrong with his teeth. To bed late.