20210606 - Mystery Fix

20210606 - Up WAY to early, J already at Wendy's, L drove G&I to Licking Valley HS out past Newark for G's baseball game. It was too early, and the boys couldn't get it in gear to stop the errors. We were run ruled in 4 and on our way home. Home around 12 and I took a nap. Up and dropped G off basketball practice at the HS and I went on to get a hair cut and pick up a couple of things at Kroger. Home and realized the AC wasn't working. I checked everything out inside and headed outside to the unit that wasn't running. I went in to check it out but got pricked by the bush hanging over it. Turned the power off to all of it and started trimming the pricker bush. It decided to RAIN, like buckets, Took a break and waited for the rain to die down. L ran and got G. Rain stopped and I got the power to the AC back on and finished trimming the bush. L cooking out on the grill. AC started working, we did have a power outage early this morning. Maybe it just needed shut off for a couple minutes to reset...??? D over to have dinner with us. I finished cleaning up the trimming mess and had dinner with LD&G. I picked up the PC and spent the next 4 hours working... D left, J home, shutting down for the night.