20210613 + Cookout

20210613 - Up late and LG&I headed to downtown Columbus to the North Market for lunch. I had never been there before and it is pretty cool. We got some food and went up top to eat, watch people and pick out the places we want to go back to. After we ate we checked out a couple more places and left with a box of big fresh doughnuts! We walked around downtown a bit looking for a sport card place G found on his phone, but couldn't find the actual store. We met a homeless guy and then headed home. Home and I put some fresh water in Hazel's pool and threw the ball to her a bit, returned some phone calls and updated the blog. After a bit I ran G to basketball and then back to the porch to finish the blog update and get some work done. Back tot he school to get G and we swung through Kroger to pick up some stuff on the way home. Home and I cooked up the brats and dogs we got and L cut up the watermelon and set out the other stuff we got. D and his friend Mason came over and we had a nice dinner with boys on the back porch. We stayed out there a chatted a bit and then D left. L&I headed in, watched a bit of TV and then headed to bed, waiting for J to show up, he was in Delaware with JGF6 and got home too late. I stayed up way too late getting more work done before the week kicks off.