20210612 - Fun Evening

20210612 - Up late and L has already done all of the watering and dusting, seems I didn't miss much. I sat on the back porch and had coffee and coffeecake with her while she went through old pictures and baby book stuff. In to the office to do a couple of work things. Done with work and Hazel and I headed to the dog park for a bit. We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get Frostys and see J at work, he was just finishing up. Home and had our treats on the back porch and then L&I headed over to the Pettit's to pick up Chris & Karen and head to the concert at Headley Park. There weren't that many folks at the concert, of course it was 90 out, but we had our tent and made some shade and listened to the music and chatted. After the concert we headed to Flanagan's for some pizza, wings, beer, more music and conversation. It was a lovely afternoon and evening activities and we got home about 9:30. We saw G for the first time today and he was RED from being at the pool all day. J stayed with a buddy and I stayed up too late watching tv.