20210602 + Surgery & Girls

20210602 + Up in the am and headed to the Farm to be there to help out. I got set up in the farmhouse and jumped on my calls. I got updates from GmaW that they got there, everything ok and he was out of surgery. Around 1pm Gma&paW showed up. We headed up to their house and got GpaW in through the backdoor and settled in. I headed back down and took my last call of the day and ate some lunch GmaW made me. Back up to the house and helped get GpaW up and around, he's moving around better than I expected, walking up and down the hall. I got his ne transponder working and replaced some lightbulbs for them. Hung a bit and then headed home. G and Trent had some girls over today... Home and the part for the microwave came in so I worked on that and then tested it by heating up some dinner. L&I watched some TV as J&G came and went. Got to bed in good time.