20210422 - MYOB

20210422 - Up late and L&G at school, J has state testing or something at 1pm so he's in bed. Watched a bit of TV this morning and the opinions on theses shootings are dividing our country. Not sure how so many people NOT at the scene of an incident can assess what would have been the correct actions without being there, or why they believe a persons skin color has anything to do with it. This latest incident of the young girls in Columbus is just crazy. I talked to a friend of mine that is an officer and his assessment is correct: "There is no right action or answer in most of these situations. Someone was going to be be hurt and the officers decision was going to be wrong by at least half the observers no matter his action or inaction." Pretty scary stuff. In to the desk and got some stuff done. Got J up for school and then back to the desk. L home and at the end of the day we layered up and headed tot he high school to watch G run in the Gahanna Invitational. G was to run in 3 races. The first was the 4x800 that his team won, the second was the distance medley and grant ran the 800 leg and they won and the 3rd was the sprint medley where the first 2 guys running the 100 fell and dropped the baton at the first handoff so he didn't get to run. The score was tight so we thought that may have lost the meet for them... It was FREEZING COLD and L&I had blanket and bundled up like it was middle of December. We stayed for the final 5 or so races and then the results and the boys team did end up winning! They celebrated on the field yelling and jumping around. Cold but fun. We swung through Burger King to pick up some dinner on the way home. Home and ate and then shut down for the night.