20210417 - WAY TOO LONG

20210417 - Up early and still feeling the drinks we had last night... L drove us to Dayton for a double header. G played short the whole day and did ok, had a couple errors and they added to the rest of the shit show. We left our pitchers on WAY TOO LONG... got the snot beat out of us both games... G went 4 for 5 at the plate and is getting some nice hits. Home and Hazel was still alive, J came home to let her out during his break and D stopped by for a bit with her too. L ran out and picked up Cane’s for dinner. We ate and the J took off to spend the night with a friend. L&I started to watch a movie and some neighbors called to come over. L was too tired and been cold enough all day at the ball field she didn’t go. Hazel and I went for a short visit and so she could meet Franklin the 9 yr old golden doodle. Home and to bed in good time as we have more baseball tomorrow.