20210401 - L is 50!

20210401 - Up in the am and wished L a Happy Bday! The BIG 50!!! She opened a couple presents and we had some bfast together. I headed in to the office and L headed downtown for her second covid vaccine shot. J got up and ran to pick G up from his bday party overnight. L home from her shot and said it hurt way worse than the first one. When L got home J&G gave her their gifts. I spent the day crunching data for an upcoming project. I finished the day and got ready and took a couple last minute phone calls. D showed up and we got J&G ready and we headed to the Barn in New Albany for dinner. It was a very nice dinner. D told us all about the work he was doing and J&G shared things as well. The food was amazing and everyone was completely full. A very nice dinner. D took J&G home and L&I made our way home and then LJG&I settled in the basement to watch Godzilla vs Kong (not L's choice, but she was on her ph/pc for most of it). It was an ok action movie and we all headed to bed after the show.