20210408 - Super FAST!!!

20210408 - Up in the am for an early call and LJ&G all at school today. At the desk all day moving lots of things forward, very busy, very stressful... L home and took Hazel on a walk. J home and headed out to work. L&I packed up at the end of my day and headed to New Albany where we went to G's first track meet ever, they didn't have a season last year... G was in the 1st race that was the 4x800 and he and his other long distance cross country buddies SMOKED the competition and destroyed the middle school record for all of Gahanna middle schools. We then waited for a LONG time watching other kids run and chatting with parents we knew before G ran in the 400m, the first time he has done this. He was pretty far back and in the last turn he blew past a bunch of kids to come in second, with a time of 59.52, super fast. He was beat by only one kid that had the lead from the gun and I think had wings on his feet or something. We waited more, it rained a bit and G was in the las, most exciting race, the 4x400. They had a bobbled exchange and lost the lead and couldn't catch back up but come in 2nd. The Gahanna East boys dominated the invitational and won 1st place by more than double the next closest teams score, an impressive showing for his first meet. We headed out, called the Greek place on the way out and picked up food on the way home. We swung by the school to get G and then home and ate. J home shortly after and all headed to bed. My cousin Jonathon gave me call and we chatted for an hour or so. Good to catch up with him!