20210405 - BUBBLES!!!

20210405 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home and brought me a bfast sandwich from Wendy's. J Hazel and I hung out in the living room while I did my morning stuff and we talked about his car a bit. J headed upstairs and I headed in to the office. L home and J took off to skateboard with some friends. Geoff and Miranda back next door cleaning up their backyard a bit, tomorrow is trash day... L ran to pick G up from track while I made him dinner. L&G home, G changed quick and L ran him to baseball practice. L home and we had our left over steaks from her bday dinner and then L& Hazel played with bubbles. Hazel and I ran to pick G up from practice. We stopped at Bowan's on the way home and then walked down to chat with the neighbors all in Nate's driveway. Home and down to the basement to watch the NCAA basketball championship game. G&I went through sports cards during the game. It was a good game and we headed to bed when it was over.