20210419 - WATER ALL OVER

20210419 - Up in the am to L's SCREAMS! THERE'S WATER ALL OVER THE KITCHEN!!! We had a leak in a supply line to the kitchen sink and it soaked under the sink and some of the rug, but nothing scream worthy... I got the water shut off and went back to bed ;-)  LJ&G headed to school and Hazel and I started our morning. J home from school and I had him take the leaky line out and run to Gahanna Hardware to get a new one while I was on calls. J home and he got the sink put back together, I inspected, DONE! I got back to work and J headed to Wendy's. L home and in the late afternoon and we headed to a track meet in Reynoldsburg to watch G run. We got there and somehow ended up in a parking lot behind the stadium and I found a free way in through the maintenance room, L did not like this (rule follower). We got to our seats around some families L could chat with. G was to run in 2 races tonight and not the first and last! The wind made it pretty cold and after watching a bunch of races G ran in the 400. He started off strong and never let up. He finished first in 57 sec, a new personal best for him! A bit after his race he texted us and said that was the only race he was running in because he was too tired for the 800 that was only like two races away. So L&I headed home. As soon as we got home we got a text from a dad that was still there letting us know G was going to run in another race... He was nice enough to video the race and send it to us and G's team won by a large margin. I ran to pick G up when he got back to the school. Home and J back from work, the headlight we replaced Sunday was burnt out again...??? In and watched some TV and all to bed in good time.