20210409 - J Uber

20210409 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home for a minute and then headed to Wendy's for work. I got a call from the Gahanna Police asking us if we wanted to pursue the CPO violation charges against the neighbor... will need to discuss with L... sort of want to be DONE with this guy and now that he's gone could just forget it, but then if we don't he gets off the hook yet again... the county dropped the felony charges, but the city is pursuing the misdemeanor charges and this would be on top of those... tough one... Hazel and I did our morning routine and then I headed in to the office to get things done. J home early with only a short day today and headed in to work. L home and G shortly after. I finished up the day and L&I walked downtown for dinner. We tried to go to the Old Bag of Nails and they had a ridiculous wait and it was shortly after 5, this is the second week in a row they have failed... So we walked around the corner to the Local Cantina and were seated immediately... We had a nice dinner and ran in to some folks we knew there. We reviewed the plans for a busy week and then it started pouring... We called J and he ran up and got us. Home and made final arrangements for tomorrow and then watched some TV. To bed in good time.