20210412 - 3:1:1

20210412 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J doesn't have class until 1 today. I ran to LabCorp for a blood draw. Home and Hazel and I did our morning routine and I headed in to the office. J left for school and L home. Had some lunch and then at the desk the rest of the day. L took Hazel for a walk and then gave her a bath. After work L&I headed to GMSE for G's track meet. He did great tonight coming in 3rd in the 1600, 1st with 2:20 in the 800 and his team took 1st in the 4x400 relay. It was nice to be at his school and meet up with folks we haven't seen in a long time and chat a bit. Home and had some dinner and watched some American Idol to finish off the night. I stayed up late and watched a new series on HBO, the Nevers.