20210420 - No Dog

20210420 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school and Hazel and I took an early morning car ride to the vet. Hazel likes car rides, but when we turn down the street for the vet she knows... I signed some papers for her spay surgery and walked her in, but she was NOT HAPPY to be there. Home to a quiet house and got online and realized our work email was down. I jumped on it and got my team fixing the issue, then straight in to calls. L home and then ran to get groceries and mow the yard. I finished my day, L ran to get G from track. G changed and got picked up to go to baseball practice. L grilled some chicken for dinner and L&I ate in front of the TV, too chilly to be outside. We relaxed and got thing together so L could get her new driver's license. G home and told us about practice and ate. J home from work. L&I hung out and watched 'Syncronic' on Netflix, not bad sci-fi, little too slow. Headed to bed in good time.