20210410 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20210410 - Up way too early and LJG Hazel and I got everything loaded in the car and headed out. We made a quick pickup at McDs and headed up to the Farm. It was an easy drive and we got there about 8:30. Dale and Roger were there boiling down already and the steam was floating. I helped GpaW get some things set up and Brad and Dave were there helping too. GmaW took L and Dave's girlfriend Tammy up to the house to give her some bday presents and Dave Dylan and I took a walk back through the woods. We ran in to Tim in the woods working on a deer stand and chatted with him a bit. Back to the Farmhouse and more folks were there, all family, unlike years past. J&G took the pug and went up to the pond and all over the Farm. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was a nice small crowd and gave me the chance to talk with folks and not be so busy. The sap boiled down and stories were told. We had a nice lunch and then we poured off the syrup. Folks hung out a bit more and headed up to the camp and we got things cleaned up pretty quickly.

We got things cleaned up and LG&I changed and headed to Galion for baseball. The first game got away from us. G had a good hit and stole a ton of bases but we had a couple bad innings we couldn't recover from. G took the mound for the start of game 2 and did really well pitching, the lessons obviously paid off. He also got a great hit down the 3rd baseline. The rain came in the 4th inning and they called the game. Gma&paW were on their way to the game so we met them at DQ and had dinner and chatted about what a lovely day it was at the Farm and think everything went well and folks were glad to be out and together.

We drove home through some really hard rain. Home, unpacked and L&I sat in the living room with Thunder Force, a new movie, on but were in and out to consciousness... To bed in good time after a very nice long day.