20210411 + Doc's 82

20210411 + Up late in the am and G&I put up a sign in Doc's yard for his bday. In and got some things organized and then Hazel and I then headed to the dog park. Hazel got attacked by some big dogs when we got there so we kind of hung out by ourselves. She did some of the obstacles and chased a ball a bit and it was drizzly so we headed out after a bit. On to Wendy's to get some food and frostys. Home and L&I headed over to Doc's to put up a tent. We got things set up and folks started showing up to wish him a happy bday. There was a nice parade of cars honking and people yelling. Many of them stopped and got out to give Doc a hug, and remind and thank him for how they he had touched their lives, the stories were amazing. I hung out with Doc and folks drove and stopped by for the next 2 hrs. I got things cleaned up and went in, sang happy bday to him and had some cake. Home and hung out with L a bit. J ran and picked us up a pizza for dinner. We ate and watched some American Idol. The internet went out for a bit and I was working on that when Chris showed up. Got things back online and we watch some Walking Dead. Not up late, tired from a long weekend.