20210418 + Better Than Yesterday

20210418 + Up way too early in the am and LG&I headed to Dayton for an early morning baseball game. G started us off on the mound and did a really good job (much better than anything we saw yesterday). When I saw him running out of gas I went to the dugout and told them to pull him. None of this waiting forever 5 walks in row BS that we sat through yesterday... The boys played better today. Had some errors they need to work out, but still lost. G went 1 for 2 at the plate and had an amazing bomb to left and was called out skidding in to 3rd on a bad call... Done with baseball for the day we headed home. Home and G&I ran to Arby’s to get some lunch. Home and ate and the Hazel and I went to the dog park while L worked in the yard and J&G rested. Hazel had a good time and we got frostys on the way home. Home and hung out on the back porch a bit and then cleaned up behind the shed. Hung out a bit more and then helped J fix a headlight that was out. L cooked dinner out on the grill and we all ate together. L&I watched American Idol while the boys were on their Xboxes to finish the night.