20210406 + First Mowing

20210406 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I did our morning routine and then headed in to the office. Had a long call this morning trying to keep all the plates spinning. L home and we had some lunch. J home, he got his oil changed all on his own today! I finished the day and headed outside to work on things in the backyard, L went to pick G up from track. G hurt his back doing the high jump today so stayed inside to ice his back. I got the riding mower working and then took a break and we had dinner. L&I headed back outside, L mowed and Hazel and I worked on the pump. Hazel was not fond of the mower and ran to lay on me every time the mower got close. I got the pump working and then the push mower and weed eater. Hazel and I stayed outside and played with her red squeaky ball until dark. In and L washed Hazel's feet and we watched some TV to finish off the night.