20201110 + 911!?

20201110 + Up in the am and L at work and boys in bed as it is a home day. I got on the PC and got things rolling. I ran up and got J up for a class and he logged in and realized he didn't need to log in today. My day vanished with call after call popping up all over the place and filled the day. At one point on a call in the backyard I turned the volume, well at least I thought I did... I pushed the power button three times and it automatically called 911! I didn't want to hang up and have the police show up so I explained I am stupid and said everything was ok. I called the guy at work back and continued the conversation and then L was waving me up to the house so the officer could confirm I was ok... BRILLIANT! Done with work and ran G and Owen to basketball. Talked to dad on the way home and he had speech therapy today and they were getting pizza for dinner. I called Mike, missed a couple of calls from him over the weekend, and come to find out he has COVID. His account of the illness was sobering to us as he is the first person we know to have it. L made us a nice little dinner and we sat in the living room and ate, chatted and watched some news. G home ate, got cleaned up and vanished to his room. J home late. Everyone to bed and I stayed up late sending out 11/11 emails.