20201117 + 2 Cooks

20201117 + Up in the am and L at work and I had to get the boys up. Did morning emails in living room and moved in to office to start meetings. L home and she tried to get boys moving too. J did get up and fix the tarp on the playset for me. G headed out to his first basketball scrimmage and J out to skate with friends. L cooked us a nice steak dinner and my buddy Dave joined us on the phone while we ate. The steaks were REALLY GOOD. We got dinner cleaned up and watched some Family Feud. Called GpaW and they had a long day of Dr. visits and looking for lunch in several towns. G home and told us all about the scrimmage, he did good. J home and told us about his adventures. The boys ate their steaks, we chatted for a bit and they vanished until time to bring electronics down and head to bed.