20201109 + Goodbye GahannaGear.com

20201109 + Up in the am and L at work and the boys have no school today for whatever reason... I got on the PC and got things done. I officially deleted all accounts related to GahannaGear.com, it is too hard to manage these one off special order products for such tiny profits... G's friend left about 11:30 and by 1pm we had another handful of boys in the backyard playing. J up and roaming the house. L home and J headed out to skate before work today. Boys took off and L started cleaning so I retreated in to my office to finish off the day. Done for the day and out. L getting dinner ready and we ate. I then ran G and Owen to basketball and stopped in to check on the Scouts and my final actions for them. Home and we watched  some TV and relaxed. G home from practice and got a snack. Jo home from work and we shut down for the night. Headed to bed and couldn't sleep.