20201105 - Congrats Donovan!!

20201105 - Up in the am, my neck still sore, and L at work and J&G lounging as they don't have any constructive instruction today... I got online and got some things done and then had a long call with Jason. J left at 10:30 for lunch and after my call I got G up again at noon. Back on calls and catching up. L home and ran G to basketball and then home to watch TV, still no results in the election... J home, changed and back out to work. G home, L ran out to pick up some McD's for dinner and Lilly and I took a short walk. Home and ate and missed the start of G's hitting practice... G did ok for not swinging a bat for a week. Got a text from our friends the Varney's of Donvan, one of J's very first friends, he's an amazing athlete! Home and watched TV the rest of the evening until J got home and then headed to bed with a SORE neck.