20201119 + Sky On Fire

20201119 + Up in the am, L at work and I got J&G up. Got my morning things done in the living room and headed in to the office. I got some stuff done but these new glasses were driving me CRAZY, I can't see ok out of them. I called the eye Dr. and he had a slot open so in the afternoon I ran up to Polaris and had him take a look. He checked things out, made adjustments and after about an hour things were much better. So going to try this for a week and see if I adjust or can live with it... Home and back online to finish out the day. L ran G to his basketball game and J went to work. L&I had dinner, I took Lilly on a walk and then we watched TV until G got home and told us all about the game. Lilly barfed all over the living room... she hasn't been doing good the last couple days... We got that cleaned up, J home and chatted a bit and to bed to be wide awake... Called D at 1am when he texted me and told me he had an interview tomorrow with Cutco... OMG! THen I really couldn't sleep. Got myself a cup of coffee at 5am and feel asleep for a bit.