20201108 - Raking, Porch, Crapper

20201108 - Up in the am and ready. D here in good time today but we had to work on his tire and take a screw out of the tread before we got started. G&I swung by and got Trent on way to Farm. We drove slow but D&DGF11 didn't catch us. We got there and I dropped G and Trent off at the Farmhouse with GmaW to start raking leaves. I headed up to the house and got supplies out to work on the back porch railing. D&DGF11 showed up and helped, G & Trent ran the pug around the yard and then we all came in for lunch, GmaW fixed a nice lunch. D, DGF11 and I finished off the railing and it looks great. I have to put some screws in to hold the 4x4 caps on then it will be done. We cleaned up the backyard and I headed in to the basement bathroom. Mary & Lucia stopped by and D had to check their tires. I got busy working in the bathroom and got the old busted ring cut out and the new insert glued in. D, DGF11, G and Trent took the pug up to the falls. I got the utility sink set up and had the wrong size drain pipe... So I got the toilet set and all hooked up, works good. Headed down to the barn to throw trash out with dad and then we worked on a picnic bench and chatted about the future of things.  He seems a bit all over the place and not very logical today. We got our stuff done and headed up to the house. I gathered the boys and we headed down the road. We dropped Trent off, got home, unloaded all the supplies and got them put away. In to the house, got cleaned up and ate. Soon Madden, one of G's buddies showed up. I beat the pants off of them at Trouble in the first game and they won the second so off they went to play the Xbox. Chris came over and we watched some zombies and chatted. He fell off a ladder cleaning his gutters this weekend and had a huge bruise on his side... Upstairs and G and Madden making popcorn and J home from work. Shut the day down, updated my lists ready for the week and headed to bed.