20201118 - Point of Contact

20201118 - Up in the am to an empty house. Got morning things done and headed in to the desk. Today was a not planned day. The whole day was taken up but things that were not planned, calls coming in, emergencies popping up. These days are frustrating and get me a bit flustered, but the go by so fast. After work I came out of the office and D and DGF11 were here for a visit, J was at Wendy's and G at basketball practice. L ran D&DGF11 back to their car, they parked at Creekside and walked here. L home and made us some hot sandwiches for dinner. We ate, G home and we hung out and chatted and watched some TV. G&I headed out late to hitting lessons. I can't see out of these new glasses, going to have to call them tomorrow. G did good at hitting. Home and shutting down, J home and gave us an update and headed upstairs. I couldn't sleep, up till 2.