20180308 + 2 in 1 Chair

20180308 + Up in the am and tried to go to work... It took me 45 minutes to almost get to the ramp for 270, so I did a uturn and headed home to get my reporting done so I wouldn't miss our 10am call. Reporting done, meeting successful and then in to work for the afternoon.L had to go to the police station today to get more figure printing done. Finished my day and stopped an auction house on the way home. Home and had to have a talk with G as today he broke the new Xbox remote I got for them 3 days ago because he got frustrated... Had dinner, L&I ran to Meijer, J posting things on ebay. Home and D home from practice, he played several positions during practice today, GOd I hope they let him play... Finished off the night and to bed, up late working on GLHS Booster sites.