20180319 - Surrounded

20180319 - Up in the am and working from home getting email and other stuff done. Ran in to the high school to meet with the Athletic Director for a min. Home and got some more work done. DeVonn called so I ran to the airport to pick her up and we met Justin for lunch before heading into the office. In to the conference room to finish the day on calls. On the way out L&I talked, she picked up J from track and took him to the minute clinic to test him for strep throat... I headed to D's game and checked in with G to make sure he was ok to get to practice. I got to D's game, he got in at 2nd base in the 5th and made a double play. I headed to the Booster meeting where I had to give a big presentation, it went well and folks are excited about changes we are making! Home for a min and found my driveway blocked off by a car and 3 girls in beach towels surrounding D's car with him in it... The let me park, D rolled down his window and let me know he was ok, he was apparently their target for the night in 'Senior Tag'... I went in leaving D to fend for himself... I called Doc, headed out, the girls let me out of the driveway, D still in his car, Doc and I headed to Bible Bangers. L texted me shortly after that D came running into the house in his underwear :-) SAFE! Had a good night at Bible Bangers, all the guys there and good discussions. Home and up late doing things on the PC