20180327 - Amish

20180327 - Up in the am and in to work staying ahead of the curve for a couple of days off. Justin and I ran to Grove City to pick up lunch for everyone from Chipotle. Back to the office and set up the buffet and had a feast. L swapped out the Acura for the Denali for me. D played an entire game at 3rd base today. He went 3 for 3 with 2 singles a double and stole 3rd and home and he pinch ran in the second game. I finished the day and headed home. I stopped at tuffy and swapped my car for the Acura. Home and we had some leftovers before LJG&I headed out to see the movie Peter Rabbit, it was a hoot and we loved it! After the movie we picked up one of Js buddies and then headed home. J and his buddies set up an extra Xbox in the basement and played Fortnight for hours... J&I watched an old John Wayne western and I worked on the Booster Google Apps until very late and finally turned off the Xbox.