20180328 + Still Smoking

20180328 + Up late and grabbed a cup o f coffee, J's buddy still here and they are still playing Fortnight in the basement. I did a couple of things in the office and then LG&I headed out run around a bit. Our firsts stop was Pay it Again Sports and found the bat G wanted and I got the lady to drop the price to the online price and we walked out of the store with a new bat. L waited in the car and had to turn it off because it was smoking all over the place... We ran across the street to a place L wanted to wander around in, a home place where they had 2.7 million rugs and nick nacks to put in your house... After G&I found L wandering we headed to Steak 'n Shake for lunch. We headed home and stopped at Tuffy to pick up my car and have them look at the smoking engine. It was all ok and no leaks. So L&G headed home and I paid for the Denali repairs and the Acura and Hyundai oil changes and on to get a haircut and bank to change some signature cards. Home and got a couple more things done before JG&I headed out to see the premier of 'Ready Player One'. We met up with some friends and enjoyed the movie, it was really good! Home and boys to bed, checked in with D, he had a disappointing day of watching from the bench baseball, but played volleyball on the beach for 4 hours with his buddies. Called GpaW and with rain in the forecast decided to check in the am to see if we will head up to the Farm. To bed trying to get caught up on the blog.