20130329 - Glowing Repairs

20130329 - Up in the am and checked in with GpaW, it was raining here and at the Farm so we didn't go up today. L went shopping, J&I hanging out in the living room, G playing Fortnight. I made my way to the office and cleaned up the online stuff I did last night. In the afternoon G&I ran to D-Bats to try out his new bat and a bunch of his teammates were there. Home and doing more around the house. Worked on the dishwasher as the motor decided to go out on it today... Got some texts from D, he's not happy  with the way things are working out baseball wise in FL. He did end up playing the entire game except for the first inning. G's buddy Owen came over in the evening and we all headed to the bowling ally, but they were full so we headed to Glow Putt for a round of golf. I had a dad that was on the FL trip check in on D. L headed to bed, J&I watched a movie and a couple shows from a series and G and Owen played in the basement until very late.