20180303 - Cleaning Up

20180303 - Up late and L brought me pancakes and coffee in bed. D off to baseball. I got myself around and ran J&G to Scouts to help clean out the garage at the church, G first Boy Scout event. Home and L&I getting things done around the house and desk. Ran to pick G up and he had fun! J stayed there. Home and G got picked up by Bill and Brady and J headed out scootering. I fixed the backdoor knob and then D, DGF7&I headed to Grove City to check out a Play it Again Sports that was closing down, it was already picked clean so we headed to Dick's and they didn't have what D was looking for either... Home and back and knocking things out. After a while J got home and D&DGF7 headed out. L&I headed out to see the new movie 'Game Night' and ran into Karen Pettit and her sister. It was a really funny movie and we had a good time. After the movie we picked up some food and went home and ate with J. Up very late working on the PC.