20180330 - D's Back & 3way Battle

20180330 - Up in the am and hung out with L until the countertop guy showed up. He looked at our crack and suggested we not waste the money to repair it... John showed up to pick up Owen and then L cooked the boys some bfast. I headed into the office to get a couple of things done and L started on the bathroom floor. I helped a bit and then ran to get D from the airport. D's plane was delayed a bit so waited around for him. He got home and wasn't as upset as earlier in the week and seemed to have a good time and told us all bout it. L&I finished up the bathroom and then LDJ&I headed out to Max & Erma's for a nice dinner and D filled us in on more of his trip. 

After dinner we headed to Meijer where L got some stuff and then on to Home Depot for some supplies. We swung by one of J's friend' s and picked him up for a sleepover. Home and another of J's friends already in the house. The 3 of them set up a 3 Xboxes in the basement and played until the wee hours of the morning.