20180310 - Terrill's 50!

20180310 - Up in the am and D&G already at the Baseball Clinic. J hung out on the Xbox for a bit then we went to a shoe store to look at running shoes. We stopped at Waterbeds and Stuff to get a gift for Terrill and then swung through Subway to get lunch for D&G. A quick stop at home to get bottles of water and then tht e high school where we delivered the lunches, D was a bit annoyed for some reason... I talked to the coach about all the things coming up and J&I headed back out. We went to the gas station and J didn't want to pump the gas... so we went home instead of continuing on to Dick's to get him new running shoes... I got more done at the desk. D&G got home and chilled out for a little bit. D went to some friends to play basketball and GJ&I packed up and went to Terrill's 50th bday party. It was a good time with great food. We didn't stay too long. Home and up doing booster stuff until late.