20180325 + 1 Sent 2 Back

20180325 + Up at 6am and D&I headed to the airport. I hung out a bit as the team accumulated and helped Mike get them organized, their bags checked and tickets in hand. We got them lined up for a pic and off they went.

Headed back home and back to bed. Up late, Just L&I hanging out. L made cookies for the boys and I got some things done in the office and then time to go get J&G. I swung in, picked them up they smelled of smoke and had a lot to say, I think they actually had FUN! blah blah blah....  Got them home, ran to get them some lunch from Wendy's, we ate, they told of more adventures. G cleaned up, changed, fed and back to baseball practice. I ran to Gahanna Hardware to get some supplies then to the baseball field to help install some brackets in the new dugouts. Home put things away, hung out, ran the white car to Tuffy and the post office. Home and we all scavenged, Chris stopped by for Walking dead with J&I, I think the show has jumped the shark... To bed and did a bit on the Booster website planning.