20180323 - Starting Short $ Cold Campers

20180323 - Up in the am dead tired and in to work. Had a couple hot ones this morning that got me going... and stayed hot all day. I had to run DeVonn to the airport around 3, swung by Creative Graphics and talked to the owner for a bit about a website for GahannGear.com. Jumped on a work call and drove to D's game at St. Charles downtown and D was starting shortstop and played the whole game there. He had some good plays and hit a couple of times but didn't get on base. It was freezing cold and DGF7 was there to take pics. I love watching that boy play baseball! Home and got J&G loaded up and L&I ran them up to John Beltz park for G's 1st Boy Scout campout. We passed D&DGF7 on the way. We got J&G delivered and they just walked off into the wood, I guess that means they will be ok, L not liking here littlest boy out in the freezing cold. We headed back to town and had a nice dinner at the Rusty Bucket. Home, D home and we watched some basketball.