20180304 - No Milk!

20180304 - Up in the am and LJ&I headed to church, D stayed home to list some things and head to work. After church I stayed to meet with a Sunday School class I helped start years ago while L&J headed home and L ran G's baseball stuff to him at his practice. There were many of the same people there that were there when we started and it was good to catch up and a good discussion. L picke me up after the class and we headed home. I had to run G's hat and glove back out to him. I made arrangements with Tom to act like I was late picking G up and I would meet them at Dick's. Home and I got some stuff done on the PC. Tom texted me that he was headed to Dick's and D just got home from work so DJ&I headed to Dick's. We snuck up on G who thought his dad forgot him at practice and we got him a pair of cleats, well we had to order them in blue, he didn't want the red ones they had. D got some cleats, we ordered him some gray pants and I forced him to try on some girls short softball pants and they fit, so we solved the problem of finding high pants that fit! J got a pair of soccer cleats and after 3 hours at about $100/hr we headed home. We swung by the Mallonn's and picked up Connor so J could teach him how to hydrodip stuff. Home and J and Connor headed outside to paint, G hit the Xbox and D filled out another college application and headed to DGF7's. L cooked us all some dinner and then took J and Connor to youth group. L&I sat and chatted about upcoming events, going to be a busy fast Spring and Summer... I ran to pick up J and then we home, D arrived soon and so did Ben to watch the Walking Dead. Boys to bed and up late putting paper in the PC.