20180301 + Before Bed

20180301 + Up in the am and a rainy drive on the way in to work. Justin is on top of everything this morning and driving things like crazy. Finished out the busy day and headed home. J texted me while I was driving about an issue with his phone. Got home and J was in the basement playing the Xbox, I got the boys a headset so we didn't have to listen to them yelling at their friends... L cooked dinner for JG and me and we had a nice dinner, D was at baseball. After dinner I ran G to baseball practice. I got a call from Doc's friend, Doc wasn't answering his phones and she wanted me to check on him. To Doc's no answer on his phones or doorbell. I got his key and went in, thankfully he was not home. I let her know and fixed his front door knob on the way out. J back in the basement, G had a coach bring him home, D got home and set up a college visit for us, I was working on the PC. We wound down the night and on his way to bed J told me that his phone wasn't working and the new headset didn't work... We had hours this evening to work on these things and he tells me right before he goes to bed... I didn't fix them, I told him we'd look at it tomorrow.