20170629 - Caught the Whole Game

20170629 - Up in the am and in to work. Got a bunch done today and wrapped up a bit early to take the last call of the day in the car. L&G came to the office, where Justin walked out to meet them, and we headed to Waverly OH to watch D play a 5pm game. It was POURING as we drove into the little town but stopped shortly after so we didn't miss any of the game. The game started and D was catching... and he caught the whole game :-o and he had 3 at bats, cracked a single to rigght and walked the other 2 times. He scored 3 of the 6-2 win for the GC Bombers. what a great game he had and so happy we went down to watch him. After the game we headed to a Chinese place that was horrible for dinner and then headed home. We had to drop D off in Grove City to get his car, then back to my work so L could get her car. G&I rode home together and stopped to get gas before going home. All home and Chris Pettit stopped by to talk to J about his rights and duties as a US citizen for a Scout rank advancement. All boys to bed after a long good day.