20170616 - Early Up and Lots o' Fun

20170616 - Up at 5 and J&I hit the road for Bridgeport WV to meet up with D at his morning baseball game. When we got into town we stopped at Kroger and got our food for the day. We had some trouble finding the field but got there just as the game started. We volunteered to help keep score so we headed up to the air conditioned press box and learned how to run the big scoreboard. They had a couch and Xbox in there too that kept J busy. We watched both of D's games and we made our sandwiches between games in there. D didn't play but the last 2 innings in the 1st game and he played all but the last 2 innings of the second game. He had a really good hit that got him to 2nd on one of his at bats, and a sac bunt. It was a good baseball day, wining the 1st and lost the second. After the game J&I headed to the hotel and got checked in and unpacked. We then headed out to explore a bit. J found a soccer simulator in the gym next door and then we went hunting for a putt-putt place. We found it, and a feather, played a round of putt-putt and J won a free game. We then went looking for the other one. We found it but got rained out. So we headed to King's New York Restaurant, a local Italian and Mexican place where we filled ourselves with fantastic Pizza and Mexican dishes. Back to the hotel where J&I hit the pool to cool down before heading back to the room to call it a night.