20160612 + Cross Eyed

20160612 + Up in the am, D&J still asleep and headed into work. It was for sure a Monday... Headed home a bit late. Checked in with Doc. Headed in to see L&G and catch up on their weekend. Had some dinner quick. D&I dropped J off at Scouts for the annual hike to Wendy's and then headed to a GJLS board meeting, but the meeting wasn't until 8:30 so we headed home. I got some emails done on the back porch and chatted with L, D shipped some ebay stuff and G was on the xbox. D&I headed to the GJLS board meeting, where D gave the guys an update of his eagle project. It was well received, they applauded him, mentioned how much they like the things he did and presented him with a real nice pull over. Home and L went to get J. L&I hung out on the back porch and watched the CAVs game and doing email. Took a break with G to try and catch lightning bugs. All boys to bed.