20170606 - Not the Plan!

20170606 - Up and in to work and took a pretty good beating this am. D&J had batting practice in Pickerington. J&G rode to Wendy's for lunch. I struggled to get things done the rest of the day. Justin and I took a trip looking for some scales, no luck so swung through the DQ on the way back to the plant. Finished the day getting only a couple things done, not near what I had planned... Headed home and called L, she had DJ&G with her on the way to G's game. That was not the plan! D had a meeting with his merit badge counselor to finish up the badges. I had her drop him off at the next exit so he could wait for me. I battled down Broad St through rush hour traffic for 45 minutes to get to Newark and pick him up. J was with him and we headed home. Home and watching G on GameChanger, D&I headed to Panera to meet the counselor. I got a bite to eat and caught up on some stuff.