20170605 + Persevered

20170605 + Up to a rainy morning and hard to get out of bed from a fun but exhausting weekend. In to work and getting caught up. Had a missed shipment and a couple of escalations right out of the gate... Full very fast day. Headed out a couple of min early to beat the traffic. Home and ate quick than D&I headed to the Spring Awards Banquet. There was a lot of neat awards given out; Boys Track 4x100 24th fastest in the Nation, Girls Track 4x100 2nd fastest in the Nation, Baseball District Champs, Softball made it to final 4 in the State. After the awards the individual sports broke off to their own presentations. D&I headed across the street and up 3 floors to the ceremony. JVB was introduced, JVA was introduced, D was introduced first and then his teammates. Then the Varsity team and letters were given out to boys that sat the bench the entire year... making D the ONLY JUNIOR to NOT get a Varsity Letter... I had help hand out some awards and we bailed out as soon as the blah blah was over. In the car and I asked him how it was possible they got Varsity Letters for sitting the bench; he couldn't talk about it... I could barely think about it too... D&I headed to a coffee shop and discussed baseball, things around the house and getting a job.   When D went to his room for the night I joined him and told him how proud I am that through all this political BS the has kept his chin up and persevered through this season.